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Parco-Pack AG in Switzerland has been specialized in the development, production and decoration of primary packaging for the perfumery and cosmetics industry since 1979.


As of 1995, a subsidiary in Germany, Parco-Pack GmbH in Konstanz was estabished. In addition to exclusive creations, we have developed a large standard stock of flacons and accessories which we can offer to your client in small quantities with short lead times.


Our experience over many years permits us to offer complete solutions for primary and secondary packaging as standard models or as exclusive developments.


Owning stocks of the most popular standard flacons, jars, pumps and caps, we can supply youwith small quantities starting from 1'000 units in a very short time.


As a distributor we are offering exclusively the following products of the corresponding suppliers:


  • Glass –  POCHET du Courval - Flacons and jars 
  • Accessories – COVERPLA SA - Pumps and caps
  • Plastics – VEXEL Sarl. - Flacons, jars and caps
  • Plastics – MINJIN LTD - Flacons, jars, airless and dekorative packagings
  • Cardboard Boxes – CLP  - Folding and presentation boxes
  • Accessories - Pumps, labels, confectioning, etc.


Max-Stromeyer-Strasse 116

D-78467 Konstanz / Germany


Tel: +49-7531-81'85'300


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